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Everyone knows how to handle food safely it's common sense!

Sadly, common sense is not very common. In Australia, over 4 million people suffer from food poisoning each year and nearly every week another product is recalled because something went wrong during manufacture.

Did you know that food poisoning is totally preventable and if a business develops and follows a food safety program, most food recalls and food complaints can be avoided!

Food Stars is committed to helping small and medium sized businesses develop food safety programs that work for the business - not against it.

  • Food Stars is an innovative no-fuss food safety program system that shows a business how to produce safe food
  • Food Stars is based on the hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) principles developed by Codex Alimentarius
  • With Food Stars a business will be able to demonstrate that it complies with the Australian Food Safety Standards
  • Experienced staff are on hand at each level to help guide you through your program

Food Stars is a three step in-house food safety program that is kick-started at each level with a face-to-face workshop. At each step you are provided with colourful handbooks, manuals and CD presentations all packed in three ready-to-use files so you can build your program straight away!

The program is very flexible as when the program has been implemented, it may be audited by either:

  • a Food Stars auditor, so the business may receive a Food Stars certificate OR
  • an authorised officer e.g. EHO, to demonstrate compliance with Food Safety Standard 3.2.1 Food Safety Programs. (No Food Stars certificate given.)





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Last updated 2 January 2019